Physics 2310L Laboratory - Schedule Fall 2022

Physics 2310L

Regener Hall 119

As of Fall 2023, this page will no longer be updated. All course information for the introductory Physics and Astronomy laboratory courses has been moved into Canvas. Please see your Canvas course page for the lab schedule, syllabus, and TA information. If you have other questions regarding the labs, please contact your lab TA or the lab supervisor.

Week Starting:
001 2-4:50 pm - Ivan Gunther
Aug 22
Aug 29
The Pendulum
Sept 5
Introduction to Waves
Sept 12
Sept 19
Reflection & Refraction
Sept 26
Thin Lenses
Oct 3
Michelson Interferometer
Oct 10
Oct 17
Double Slit
Oct 24
Multiple Slits
Oct 31
Single Slit
Nov 7
Spectral Analysis
Nov 14
Planck's Constant
Nov 21
Nov 29
ABCs of Radioactivity
Dec 5